Einstein-Proved Inertial Navigation
The Sagnac effect is considered as the experimental manifestation of the relativistic theory
Aerospace-Grade Inertial Positioning
Fiber-optic gyroscope based inertial sensors are aerospace-proved technology
Global Distributed Fiber Optic Attitude Sensing
Fast, robust and economical high dynamic sensing technology

Fiber-Optic Gyroscope in Autonomous Technology

Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)-based Inertial Measurement Units (FOG-IMUs) are a premium sensor choice in autonomous technology. Based on Smart Integrated Optoelectronics Technology (SIOT). Aegiverse provides On-Vehicle Gyroscopes (OVG) and FOG-IMUs, from the core chip design concept revolution to full optoelectronic integration.


From Concept Formation to
Product Manufacturing

Taiwan provides high-end technical talents, manufacturing and ideas. After 30 years of international market development, Taiwan has a global customers overall solution.

Aegiverse inertial sensor technology is very suitable for localized production capacity and provides economical inertial solutions for the upcoming autonomous era.

From Taiwan, Indo-Pacific to Globalization

Aegiverse inertial sensors are a global deployment market.
International strategic allies are being established.

Autonomous in Harsh Environment

Positioning and heading are key parameters for autonomous vehicles in harsh environments.
The Aegiverse OVG and FOG-IMU sensors provide relative inertial coordinates independent of the external environment, providing a key advantage compared to external observation systems such as GPS/GNSS RTK, Lidar, camera, radar and mm-Wave sensors. Aegiverse FOG-IMU is fully complementary to the above sensors, providing a safer autonomous driving solution.

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Inertial Navigation in GPS/GNSS Denied zones

The current global positioning and navigation systems are highly relying on GPS/GNSS satellites, however, there are still exist many GPS/GNSS denied zones , such as tunnels, building, underground parking lot, which are caused a lot of restrictions on GPS/GNSS-only navigation.
Aegiverse inertial navigation technology is a key missing puzzle to improve GPS/GNSS navigation reliability and expand the application field of highly integrated multi-sensor navigation systems.

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High-Resolution 3D Attitude Discrimination

In the highly complex urban traffic construction, how to accurately 3D position the intricate viaduct is a very important and urgent problem to be solved.
The Aegiverse inertial sensor provides excellent sensitive positioning perception and high-resolution 3D attitude discrimination from the sensor itself, which is very helpful for solving dynamic positioning in various stereo spaces.

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Satellite Positioning and Attitude Perception

Due to the successful development of rocket vehicle recovery technology, the low-orbit satellite (LEO) launch costs have dropped significantly. The number of low-orbit satellites deployed globally will increase substantially in the foreseeable future.
Aegiverse inertial sensors are also actively deployed in related aerospace industry applications.

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